Heather Schumacher

Founder + Strategist 

Radiate is led by Heather Schumacher, an entrepreneur and leader in branding and conscious leadership, working with creative agencies, entrepreneurs and leaders to isolate and activate the authentic brand that lives at the heart of their work.  


Heather has spent twenty years in advertising, producing global, innovation-driven campaigns for brands including Nike, Google, Starbucks and Target.  Her personal quest for fulfillment in her work led her to study the principles of consciousness that empower purpose-driven brands.  Her career now lives at the intersection of ideas and execution as she assists her clients in identifying their vision, their authentic message and how to most effectively express it. 


Her clients today range from global, social entrepreneurs to purpose-driven, creative agencies and organizations.  She also coaches and consults with individuals in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate mindfulness and personal growth.


Heather brings to her practice fifteen years of executive leadership experience and is a certified executive coach, privately trained by her mentor and teacher Suzi Lula in conscious transformation coaching.  Heather is also trained as a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

“Heather is a dear friend and excellent brand and leadership strategist and coach.  What makes Heather unique is her ability to to connect individuals, entrepreneurs and brands to their inherent wisdom, clearing the path to their transformation and success. As an experienced and conscious leader herself, Heather is an inspiration to anyone seeking to take their brand and business to their next level.” 


—  Suzi Lula
Spiritual Counselor
and Best Selling Author