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Radiate was created with the intention of exposing what we care about and executing its creative expression, consciously. This means making world-class work while honoring the people, communities and environment that it touches.  It means producing in ways that inspire both its creators and audience to think and behave on behalf of one another.


Radiate was founded by Heather Schumacher, a veteran in the production of innovation-driven creative campaigns for global brands and agencies.  She and her collective work with brands, agencies, organizations and entrepreneurs in the following ways:


As an executive-level producer, Heather and her collective of producers and production partners work with organizations to consciously execute world-class creative work on behalf of their purpose-driven message.  This means not only making a meaningful end-product but also cultivating a production environment that serves as a platform for good in the way the work is made.  Our network of socially and environmentally conscious partners allows us to serve our clients and the communities we are producing in, with a new level of awareness and responsibility to each other.  As producers we consult and manage the production of video content, digital and technology-driven projects, experiential activations, and photography.  


Through consulting engagements, Heather assists organizations in cultivating and optimizing creative workflow. Her approach and output of these engagements is unique to each company's unique needs.  That said, her philosophy includes addressing physical systems, process, tools, and tactics as well as cultivating, what she calls, flow-state making. This involves creating the conditions for individuals and groups to operate through an organic and profound level of collaboration.  This state of being in creative workflow is the most powerful tool in realizing efficiency. It also happens to be a remarkable indicator of personal fulfillment, job satisfaction and loyalty.


As a photographer, Heather works with creative entrepreneurs in capturing objects and space in their naturally lit, environments.  Her current focus is on interiors and architecture.  For more information, please see her portfolio site.





Radiate is led by Heather Schumacher, a leader in creative production and steward of conscious business.

Heather has spent over twenty years in advertising, leading the production of world-class, innovation-driven campaigns for brands including Nike, Google, Starbucks, Intel, Audi and Target. Leading production teams at agencies like 72andSunny, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners and Arnold Worldwide, Heather has established best practices in modern, creative making for some of the world's most respected agencies.

In 2015 Heather left corporate advertising with the intention of serving purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs in the expression of their good.  As the founder of Radiate, Heather works with entrepreneurs, agencies and brands.  As both a producer and photographer, Heather and her collective of production experts assists them in exposing the beauty and heart of their message in  remarkable, world-class ways.

About Heather

Heather is a gracious and guiding force. She put a marvelous campaign together for Caru with commercial and editorial styled photography. Everything was seamless, timely and exceeded expectations. She has an instinct and a creative edge that I appreciate and can only rave about! It was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to working together again in the near future. Highly recommended.



—  Vember Conner
Founder + CEO, Caru

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