Inside of every one of of us lives something we care deeply about.  This is true for us as individuals and for us collectively as brands, organizations and communities, on every scale.


Radiate was created with the intention of exposing what we care about, identifying how to talk about it and consciously executing its creative expression in order to inspire both its creators and audience to think and behave on behalf of one another.


Here is what we do:

Radiate works with creative entrepreneurs and young brands in connecting to their purpose and isolating the heart of what they have to say.  The intention of this work is to expose the truth of a brand's message and isolate how to not just speak it but how to think and live it so that it's a coherent expression of who they are, in everything they do.  This is done through consulting and brand coaching engagements with new entrepreneurs.


We work with brands and organizations to consciously execute world-class creative work on behalf of their purpose-driven message.  This means not only making a meaningful end-product but also cultivating a production environment that serves as a platform for good in the way the work is made.  Our network of socially and environmentally conscious partners allows us to serve our clients and the communities we are producing in, with a new level of awareness and responsibility to each other.  As producers we consult and manage the production of video content, digital and technology-driven projects (website, mobile applications, experiential tech), experiential activations and printed elements.



®Making Mastery is a day-long workshop designed to help agencies and organizations with internal production teams cultivate flow-state process and conscious production practices.  This means maximizing time and cost efficiencies while also serving individuals, companies, communities and the planet. 




Radiate is led by Heather Schumacher, an entrepreneur and leader in conscious communication and creative production.

Heather has spent over twenty years in advertising, leading the production of world-class, innovation-driven campaigns for brands including Nike, Google, Starbucks, Intel, Audi and Target.   As a leader of innovation-driven production at agencies like 72andSunny, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners and Arnold Worldwide, Heather has established best practices in modern, creative making for some of the world's most respected agencies.

In 2015 Heather left corporate advertising with the intention of serving purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs in the expression of their good.  As the founder of Radiate and a steward of conscious business, Heather works with conscious entrepreneurs, agencies and brands to expose the heart of their people and message.